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How to Transfer Data to Your New MacBook Over a Wi-Fi Connection?

MacBook by Apple is one of the most efficient and effective computers of the current time, the smooth functioning is not the only thing that makes this the most love computer. It offers only two variants with the MacBook Air (11 and 13) and two with MacBook Pro (13 and 15).

MacOS is the operating system that makes it unique, it works seamlessly with the hardware and provides an amazing collection of apps that make your lives much simpler. It includes chips designed by Intel to provide the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

If you had bought a brand new MacBook pro and wants to transfer your data from old Mac to the new one then follow the below tips or you can also assist yourself at MacBook Support if you have any other query.

This process might take several hours, or even overnight so make sure to plug in both computers.

  • Connect both your Mac to the same wi-fi network.
  • If you haven’t set up your new Mac then follow the on screen instructions in the setup Assistance. If you have already set up your PC then open Migration Assistant from the Utility folder.
  • Open Migration Assistant on other Mac as well.
  • When the new window opens in your old Mac, click the option to migrate your data “To another Mac”. Click on Continue button and then enter your password if prompted.
  • Choose the system you want to migrate from and then click continue.
  • If the security code appears, make sure it is same on both the computers and then click Continue on the source Mac.
  • Deselect the items you don’t want to migrate.
  • If there is more than one user you can migrate, just click on the triangle next to the user’s icon and deselect items you don’t want to migrate for some specific user.
  • Click Continue to start the migration process.
  • Depending on your wi-fi connection speed and the amount of data you are transferring the time will vary accordingly.

After the migration is complete, sign in to your migrated account on your new Mac. The above steps are easy to carry out your process if you want any other technical assistance regarding your Macintosh than call on MacBook technical support number +353-766803285.

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