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How To Restore Or Set Up A New iPhone From Your iCloud Account

If you are using an Apple device then you must be aware of the advanced features and services that it offers with its products. When you buy something from its store, you not only get a product but also all the support services and facilities. One such facility that Apple support is talking about in this blog is iCloud. It is a way by which you can backup your important data and information according to your subscription. You get a whole storage space especially designed for you on which you can personally upload your files.

This backed-up information is helpful in restoring back your device when you buy a new one. All your data and settings will be restored as soon as you give the proper command. But to perform this procedure, you need to know them first. In the following paragraph, you will learn those very steps that will lead you to those settings.

Follow the next provided strides in order to see your desired results:

  • First, on your iPhone, go to the settings application and there select general settings.
  • Check for the latest software update that is available to you and download it to work more conveniently.
  • To set up your new device, make sure that you have the required backup on the iCloud server from where you can restore your device.
  • Now, go to settings and there select your name and then the iCloud button.
  • Select your storage from the next screen and then choose manage storage button to proceed further.
  • If you have more than one backup on your server then select your desired time and date from which you want to gain your information.
  • Finally, on the apps and data screen, press the restore button and then sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Press the ‘choose backup’ column to finish this process.

You can also contact Apple Technical support from your phone to get an instant assistance. This support team is well capable of solving all your problems. Just dial the number and ask for the help and the team will solve it remotely.